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Getting to Palau



There are several airlines which provide air service to Palau. Regular scheduled flights to and from Koror (Palau) are via UNITED Airlines.
UNITED Airlines: (daily flights)
United Airlines schedule to Koror, Palau from:
Guam - Koror direct daily flight
Manila - Koror direct flight Tuesday and Friday
Yap - Koror only on Saturday
DELTA Airlines:
Tokyo, Japan - Koror, Palau direct 2 times a week Wednesday and Saturday
CHINA Airlines:
Taipei,Taiwa - Koror, Palau 2 times a week Wednesday and Saturday
Incheon, South Korea - Koror, Palau 2 times a week Monday and Friday
ASIANA  Airlines:
Incheon, South Korea - Koror, Palau 4 times a week Wed., Thu., Sat. and Sun.

Departure Tax –

Travelers leaving Palau must pay a departure tax of $50.00 USD.


All tourists may visit and stay in Palau for a period of 30 days; visa is issued on arrival and can be extended.
Visitors passport should be valid for 6 months further and onward tickets and documents required by entry.

Customs, Immigration and Health Requirements

One bottle of liquor and up to 20 cigarettes can be brought into Palau tax free. Anything more than allowed will be subject to tax collection.
Importation of controlled substances and weapons is strictly prohibited.
Visas are not required for U.S. Citizens. Proof of citizenship ( passport or birth certificate ) is required.
Non-U.S. citizens must have a valid passport.
All visitors must have return travel arrangements or approval by the Chief of Immigration for an extended stay.

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What to Wear

Island style prevails. Cool, loose fitting clothing is acceptable in most places. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are highly recommended. Visitors are strongly advised to respect local customs by not wearing swimsuits, short-short or other non appropriate clothing in town, villages or public places.

Getting Around

Some hotels provide airport transportation for their guests. Otherwise, there is a shuttle bus service, taxis and car rentals available at the airport. Visitors are allowed to drive in Palau for 30 days with their home country's driver's license. Driving is on the right, and the speed limit is a doddering 25mph (40k/h).

Local Climate

Palau average climate year round sits at a pleasantly warm climate all year round with an annual temperature of 80°-86°F. ( 27°-30°C)
Rainfall can occur throughout the year, and the annual average is 150 inches.
Palau is located 400 miles north of the equator and is out of typhoon range.
Palau's water temperatures are in the low 80°F(27°C), high 85°F(29°C ) year-round.
The weather is almost the same year round. There is no real wet or dry season.
February and March are the driest, although rain can seemingly strike at any time.


GMT/UTC plus 9 hours


110/230V, 60Hz ( American style outlets )

Banks & Currency US Dollars

There are banks available in Koror downtown. Major credit cards and are widely accepted.


Shopping Centers and Restaurant are normally open daily from 8:00AM until 10:00PM


US Postal Service- Zip Code 96940, Internet Service - Internet Cafes are available in the hotel & downtown Koror.
International Phone Service-Direct call or Prepaid Phone Card
Cellular Phones-Cellular service exists and may purchase airtime in variety shops.

Palau Activities

The most popular recreational activities are scuba, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, beaches.

General Contacts: ( Palau country code- 680 )

Palau National Hospital Phone:488 -2558 Emergency
Phone:488 -5550 Reception
Palau Visitors Authority
Police Station Phone:488-1422, (911 for Emergency)


Most banks will open 9:00am to 3:00pm from Monday to Thursday, on Friday will open from 9:00am to 5:00pm
Bank of Hawaii, Bank of Guam, Bank Pacific, etc
ATM Cashing machine available at above mentioned banks and WCTC shopping center.

Bank of Hawaii, Koror branch Phone:488-2802
Available foreign exchange, ATM Machine:
Visa – MasterCard and others
Bank of Guam, Koror branch Phone:488-2696 / 2697

Available foreign exchange, ATM Machine:
Visa – MasterCard and others

Koror downtown (Bank of Hawaii ATM)
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