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Though our goal is to ensure that our customers get to enjoy the best of Palau, safety is also our number one priority.

Safety Standard ManualSplash Dive Center has its own Safety Standard Manual, and it is reviewed yearly with our staff to refresh and enhance their safety skills.
Annual reviews are made to update and revise the manual as necessary.


Our boats are also equipped with Oxygen,
first aid kits, save-a-dive-kit, tools for minor repairs,
marine radios and cellphones.

Tour Permit

There are two defferent types of State permits. Both with defferent prices.

rock island permitA rock island permit which is $50 allows you to enjoy the natural rock island parks and beautiful waters within the Koror State premises for up to 10 days.

jellyfish lake permitA jellyfish lake permit which is $100 allows you to enjoy the natural rock island parks and the beautiful waters within the Koror State premises, including the famous jerryfish lake.
It is also valid for 10 days.

There are also various States requiring a permit and must purchase separately.


You can settle your account after your dive activities or prior to your departure.

All transaction and service provided with Splash must be paid directly to Splash counter only. Except payment in advance through Tour Agent or Diving Supplier with voucher.

Splash Dive Center DOES NOT accept "ROOM CHARGE"! and official currency accepted here in Republic of Palau is only in U.S. dollar.

Traveler's checks and majour credit cards are acceptable such as VISA, MASTER, JCB, DINERS etc. AMEX not accepted.
credit cards

Cancellation Policy

1. Reservation through a Travel Agency : Consult your Travel Agent.

2. Walk-in guest : All cancellations must be made by 5:00PM the day before. Any cancellation made after 5:00PM or same day is 100% charge.

3. No cancellation fee will be collected if SPLASH cancel the tour due to weather condition or other cause.

4. Cancellation Policy during PeakSeason from December 25 until January 05, please contact us for detail.

5. For group cancellation, ask staff / Manatement.


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